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According to ISO 9001-2008 requirements /extracts/


    2.4 BARK (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) selects appropriate candidates of those in the availability list and invites them for interviewing.
    2.5 In interviewing the candidate by the Crewing Inspector of BARK (hereinafter referred to as the Crewing Department) the Agency’s Interview Form is filled in. The candidate’s qualification is also checked against the «Qualification requirements for seamen».
    2.6 During the interview, the Crewing Department has established that the seafarer in question meets the following requirements:
  • Certification.
  • Qualifications.
  • Proof of previous services.
  • References from previous employers.
  • Sobriety.
  • Medical finess.
  • Understanding of key instructions in English.
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions of employment
    2.7 As regards certification and qualifications, the Crewing Department ensures that the original required certificates are produced and verified for authenticity.
    2.8 If it is required by the owners of the vessels (hereinafter referred to as the Customer), the Agency shall have the candidate available for an interview with one of the Customer’s representatives through the phone.
    2.9 Masters, Chief Officers and Chief Engineers are always interviewed by the Customer’s representative.
    2.10 It is of utmost importance that the Crewing Department shall not promise employment to any interviewed candidate prior to the Customer’s approval.


    2.1 After interviewing prospective candidates for employment on a particular vessel, the Crewing Department dispatches to the Customer’s Crew Department the following:
  • A completed Application Form.
  • A completed Interview Form, with the interviewer’s remarks (if required).
  • Copies of all the documents.
    2.2 The responsible Crew Operator of the Customer’s Crew Department will review the above and if necessary seek further references from previous employers, or choose to communicate with the candidate for a further interview.
    2.3 The final approval for employing a Seafarer will be given from the Customer and only then, may the Agency make the necessary arrangements for the recruitment of the Seafarer.


    2.1 No seafarer is accepted for employment through the Agency without the availability of a valid Medical Certificate, including that the Seafarer is fit to perform the duties of the intended rank. The validity of such a certificate shall be at least for the duration of the contract the Seafarer is about to be employed.
    2.2 In cases where the Crewing Inspector doubts the authenticity of the fitness certificate, he may request the Seafarer to be examined at a specified medical center or a physician approved by the Agency.


    2.1 Upon receipt of confirmation from the Customer’s Crew Department that a Seafarer is approved for employment, the Crewing Department of the Agency informs the Seafarer concerned and makes the necessary arrangements required for clearing the Seafarer.
    2.2 The Agency advises the Seafarers about the intended dates of departure and ensures that enough time is given to them to arrange their family and other obligations.


    2.1 The Crewing Department follows up the employment schedules of all the Seafarers provided to the Customer and maintains availability list of all Seafarers on leave, with the intended dates of re-joining.
    2.2 These availability lists are sent to the Customer at least once a month and in parallel, the Crewing Department keeps contact with the Seafarers ensuring their availability.
    2.3 When for some reason, a Seafarer is not employed by the declared date, the Crewing Department sends a reminder to the Customer to that extent. Under no circumstances will the Crewing Department release a Seafarer, unless the Customer expressly declares that no employment is available for the said Seafarer.


    2.1 The Management of the Agency makes provisions for adequate Seafarers’ training according to requirements stated in the Manning Agreement by means of:
  • Use of approved or accepted shore based centers with training facilities or training programs.
  • Motivating Seafarers to improve and update their qualifications related to their present position on board.
  • Ensuring that documented procedures for onboard familiarization with ship’s machinery, equipment and systems are provided before taking responsibility onboard.
    2.2 Training needs are assessed by the Crew Department as well as individual training needs are assessed for each Seafarer.
    2.4 The Company keeps close association with training centers and educational organizations and has all possible information available to Seafarers wishing to attend upgrading courses. Whenever possible, the Customer shall plan the seafarers’ leave in order to enable them to attend such courses.
    2.5 Crewing Department keeps records of Seafarers attending courses and informs the Customers. Whenever possible arrangements can be made with the Customer to extend the Seafarer’s leave.